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In response to the food insecurity issues, Day Eagle Hope Project coordinated a food bank and distribution program.

The area served by Day Eagle Hope Project is identified as a food desert and there is scarce access to fresh and nutritious food. While there are a few convenience stores on the reservation, food is expensive and there is limited or no fresh produce. Community members often must travel to a chain grocery store outside the reservation for nutritious food. 


Day Eagle began doing fresh food deliveries, acquiring organic foods from local farmers to distribute across the reservation, which encompasses 650,000 acres of the plains and grasslands of north-central Montana.

In addition to lean organic beef and fruits and vegetables, they are also incorporating a program to provide fresh buffalo meat to the community. Done in a culturally respectful way, veterans are given the honor of harvesting the buffalo.

After each harvest, thousands of pounds of organic, lean meat are distributed to communities across the reservation, feeding hundreds of families who are often struggling.

This community effort has been successful due to collaboration between Ft. Belknap Indian community volunteers, the Ft. Belknap Housing Authority and Ft. Belknap DES (Disaster Emergency Services).



Day Eagle sets up food pantry in Harlem Highschool

Image by Nick Dunlap


Pounds of Bison meat we distributed in 2023.

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The number of meals we distributed in 2023.

Mountain Ridge


Square miles on the reservation.

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