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This page is intended to honor the journeys of those affected by breast cancer- survivors, their friends, and their families. 


We invite you to share the challenges, the victories and the inspirations along the path.


"Where is the Cheerleader, with the get up and go, the girl that would work hard 24/7 teaching, where is the girl that would saddle her horse after work, ride, and exercise her horse, work roping chutes, ribbon racer, an athlete, and then, at the end of day cook something, not always, and prepare for the morning. I so Miss Her, ME!


Where is the girl that had the energy to get up shower, blow dry her hair, put on her make-up, making sure her work clothes were pressed and clean. Lesson plans prepared for her students, grades done etc.. Teachers, know the dedication, and hard work.


Where is the girl that had exciting lesson plans, exciting ideas for her classroom, enjoyed every day to get in her classroom, and teach, where is she??? She is right here!"


Read more Of M's journey.....

"Two years ago my journey began through the newly diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  Having grown up on the Fort Belknap Reservation my entire life, I knew this was not going to be easy to navigate through the already stressed healthcare system.


 I often asked myself how I will make the 300 mile round trip to the nearest cancer center.  Through many trials and errors I was able to complete my last chemo treatment one year ago, and through this Day Eagle Hope Project was created."


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